If you are looking for office chairs Melbourne best look for them online

Modern stylized office furniture is all the rage today but, as to how comfortable they are is something else. The days of heavy, ugly furniture is gone for good let’s hope and it’s nice to see the new straight sleek lines of furniture that is light and airy and comfortable as well let’s hope, because those are the chairs we have to sit on for most of our lives; or as long as we work in those state of the art offices we go out of the way to choose. Now this can’t be very different for guys and gals that work in Australia because we do know for a fact that office furniture in the big cities like Sydney and Melbourne aren’t primitive anymore but right on par with furniture you find in all the major cities around the world.

Ergonomics is a word we get to hear more often than not in connection with office furniture and irrespective of where the office is located; office chairs Melbourne can give you a good run for its money since they are designed to promote good posture and keep those aches and pains away. Today’s furniture is not only good to look at but meet all health and safety requirements so that at the end of the day everyone can go home without feeling the stress of having sat on a chair that gave you the most awful back ache or cramp in the neck one can imagine.

Fortunately for us workers, office managements are more conscious of the comfort of their employees because they do realize that in order for an employee to be productive and carry out as much work as possible, they have to feel comfortable and this means providing them with ergonomic office chairs Sydney, Brisbane or anywhere else for that matter since someone in continuous pain or discomfort will not be able to finish the work in time.

Today’s office furniture manufacturers also takes into consideration the size of a person using a particular chair because they have to ensure that heavy people should have strong enough chairs to support their frames, their weight and height and provide them with sufficient comfort by leaving at least a little extra room around to move and breathe. One thing you can count on when you want to buy office chairs Sydney or office chairs Brisbane is that the furniture stores in these cities are well aware of their customers needs are and extremely conscious about creating furniture that is of the highest standard and built to last a life time. They also carry out research to ensure that they keep up with the latest trends in office furniture around the world while also being able to come up with the designs and specifications requested by their clients.

Another interesting aspect of office chairs Brisbane and Sydney is that you don’t have to waste time and energy going from store to store because now its possible to discover all the furniture shops in Australia online where you can find not only modern office furniture but also matching upholstery in leather or high quality fabric which can be ordered be it for office chairs Melbourne or anywhere else in the country.

Create a simple PageTab app

First thing first go to https://developers.facebook.com and create a new app. Copy the AppID and Secret to web.config:

<configuration> <configSections> <section name=”FacebookAppConfig” type=”ComputerBeacon.Facebook.Server.AppConfig”/> </configSections> <system.web> <compilation debug=”true” targetFramework=”4.0″ /> </system.web> <FacebookAppConfig AppID=”xxxxxxxx” AppSecret=”xxxxxxx” /> </configuration>

Next, go to the app settings page on Facebook, and check the Page Tab function. Give your app a fancy name. Point the Page Tab URL and Secure Page Tab URL to an address that contains the aspx page you’ll be creating. Localhost is also acceptable. Now here’s the problem: Facebook requires apps to accept https connection. Normally enabling sandbox mode will temporarily allow normal http connection, but this doesn’t work for Page Tabs (most probably Facebook bug). This blog post explains how to create local SSL certificates for development purpose. When you deploy the application of course, you will need to purchase one for your server.

Here I’m going to create a very simple app called “Sum your name” – it basically just sums the ASCII (or unicode) values of the characters in your name and displays it. This is the same sample that is used for the Canvas and Page Tab demo at https://apps.facebook.com/aspdotnetsample/ .

To access the user’s name we need the user to authorize our app. So let’s put the below html into our .aspx page:

<div id=”div_Authorized” runat=”server”> <p>Your name is: <asp:Label ID=”Label_name” runat=”server” /></p> <p>The sum of the ASCII values of your name is: <asp:Label ID=”Label_Sum” runat=”server” /></p> </div> <div id=”div_NotAuthorized” runat=”server”> <p>You have not authorized the app.</p> <asp:Button runat=”server” Text=”Authorize” OnClick=”AuthClick” /> </div>

People often have questions about how to display different content for users who have and have not authorized the app. The simplest solution is render everything in a single .aspx page. After all, it’s a server-side script, so all it matters is delivering the right html to the user. Do not use IframeRedirect, Response.Redirect or <a> links, because the information that is POSTed by Facebook will get lost in this process.

The C# code behind this page is quite straight forward:

public partial class PageTab : System.Web.UI.Page { PageTabContext context; protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (!IsPostBack) { //the Page Tab does not require authorization context = PageTabContext.FromConfig(this.Context); context.Login(); ViewState[“PageTabContext”] = context.ToSerializedString(); } else { context = PageTabContext.FromSerializedString(this.Context, ViewState[“PageTabContext”] as string); } //to display different message to users who have and have not authorized the app, simply hide(or show) the html content dynamically if (context.Session == null) div_Authorized.Visible = false; else { div_NotAuthorized.Visible = false; ComputerBeacon.Facebook.Models.User u = new ComputerBeacon.Facebook.Models.User(“me”, context.Session.AccessToken); string name = u.Name; UInt64 sum = 0; foreach (char c in name) sum += c; Label_Sum.Text = sum.ToString(); Label_name.Text = name; } } protected void AuthClick(object sender, EventArgs e) { context.RedirectToFacebookAuthorization(); } }

(context.Session == null) tells whether the user has not authorized the app.

Call the RedirectToFacebookAuthorization() method as necessary. After authorization, the user will be redirected to this page again by Facebook.

Final thing, we need a mechanism that would allow Page administrators to add our app to their pages. This is achieved by redirecting the administrator to an address obtained by calling Dialog.GetAddPageTabUrl() method. You can do this at anywhere you like, it can be a website, it can be Canvas app, or a link in an email. Below is an example of how to achieve this in a canvas app:

AppConfig config = AppConfig.FromConfigFile; string url = Dialog.GetAddPageTabUrl(config.AppID, “https://apps.facebook.com/” + config.CanvasNamespace + “/PageTabDialog.aspx”, DialogDisplayType.FullPage);

If it is just a normal ASP.NET webpage, you can put the link in an <a> tag or use Response.Redirect. If you get an error from Facebook saying that the url address must be owned by the app, simply go to the app settings and add your domain name there.

Finally, publish your app. And that’s it!

How to Fix Basic Computer Problems

Here are some practical and simple steps you can use to fix many of the most common computer problems. You might be able to fix your computer error in just 15 minutes with some of these recommendations.

Computers are used everyday in our day to day lives but like any machine they need regular maintenance, upgrade, troubleshooting and some tender loving care at times. Many tasks required to fix computer problems and prevent various computer errors are actually very simple.

In the majority of cases, errors exist in .EXE, .DLL and driver files. This takes place often due to invalid or corrupt entries in the registry caused by the installation of programs, moving things around, deleting files, and general everyday use. These files are very important as they create entries in the registry which are also used to operate the system. When the registry becomes unstable or damaged it will significantly slow down the computer and will create random responses and errors.

Run Defragmenter: The first thing you can do is to run a disk defragmenter program. This task leads to the disorganization of the disk content, whereby the parts of the many files on the hard disk, are stored closer to each other and contiguously. A disk defragmenter use compaction to create large areas of free space on the hard drive and this means that the computer can find information faster with less errors overall.

Registry Scan: In order to fix computer errors in the registry you should run a registry scan because this enables unwanted data to be detected and subsequently deleted. This type of program can be done easily using any popular registry fixing software that is often free to download and use on your computer. You can choose from a variety of software that can complete many registry maintenance activities and remove malevolent software such as viruses and spyware. In addition, many of these same computer programs will also backup, scan and fix the registry and finally defragment the computer.

Remove Spyware and Viruses: Spyware and viruses create most of the computer problems we see today. Computer viruses can also reduce your computer’s response time and it make it run slower. This is different that software (spyware) that is programmed to copy malicious code onto the computer in order to steal confidential data. Often this code is later transmitted to an outside computer through the internet for other malicious uses. Fixing computer errors requires a common sense approach, which means updating any anti-spyware and antivirus tools on a regular basis. Just using them once and never updating them will solve your problem today but may not protect you in the future.

Fixing the Boot Sector: Software that isn’t working properly or optimized can also damage your computer hard drive’s boot sectors, and this can prevent the system from booting up properly or at all. In order to fix computer errors, which relate to booting, it is advisable to use the relevant operating system booting CD usually provided with your computer.

Upgrade Your RAM: Insufficient memory is another source of errors, which can lead to various computer problems. Some of these problems result in system crashes, blue screens, system hangs, a sudden restart of the computer or even software programs that crash. Fixing computer errors that relate to memory can often be achieved with freeware, which help resolve RAM and related issues. These sofware can greatly increase computer speed and response time and are also very easy to use. Completing a computer memory test is also highly advisable in that event. You may also need to buy new RAM or upgrade your RAM to make your computer faster and run more error-free.

Corporate ERP: Microsoft Great Plains For The Plant In Brazil – Overview For CIO

Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains as new ERP for multinational corporation manufacturing facility in Brazil.

If your company plans to outsource manufacturing in Brazil by purchasing existing facility there, the first step would be to implant new management team and revise business processes and procedures. The way there comes through the new ERP/accounting system implementation from scratch. We’ll show you the way to implement new system on the base of Microsoft Great Plains. You may have two reasons to place Great Plains, first – you company has Great Plains implemented in the headquarters and this is worldwide policy, second – if you have high end ERP at the headquarters, such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft – it might be too complex/expensive for Brazilian facility. Looking at the Brazilian ERP software market you will find out that the leader there is local ERP application – Microsiga and it is relatively easy to implement it there, however you will have language barriers, plus differences in reporting and tax rules, when you consolidate the statements to the corporate report. Let’s review Microsoft Great Plains option:

• Licensing. You should consider two options. First, if you host your Brazilian company GP databse in the USA, Europe, Australia, or where your headquarters is located, you do not need to pay additional fee to Microsoft Business Solutions. You may have connection performance issues, but this is separate consideration. Alba Spectrum Technologies owns Great Plains Brazilian version through our office in Sao Paulo – Enterlogix.com.br. Second option and this is applicable if you have high end accounting application in the Headquarters – you can purchase Brazilian version through Enterlogix.com.br and in this case software price would be about half of what you would pay in the USA or Eurozone.

• Localization. Brazil is self-contained large country and people, including executives and accountants speaks Brazilian Portuguese there, not necessarily English. Plus all the local reporting and documentation, including expenses and invoicing should be done in Portuguese. You need localized version and in the case of Great Plains it is available.

• Implementation. Again, consider that Microsiga holds huge percentage of the Brazilian ERP market and the majority of local consulting folks are Microsiga gurus, you probably have to deal with the multinational consulting company with the presence in USA, Europe and Sao Paulo/Rio de Janeiro

• Customization. Microsoft Great Plains stays in the low end of the pricing pyramid and so, instead of long implementation cycle you should expect light or mid-level customization to meet your unique business processes requirements. In this case you need Great Plains Dexterity, Modifier/VBA/Continuum developers, who are working on the Brazilian market.

Final words: Brazil is excellent manufacturing place for beverage production, especially the one, related to fruit juice concentrates, food import to the USA, restaurants suppliers, automakers, especially in the Salvador area.

Good luck with implementation, customization and integration and if you have issues or concerns – we are here to help! If you want us to do the job – give us a call São Paulo 55-11-3826-3449! help@albaspectrum.com

Andrew is Great Plains specialist in Alba Spectrum Technologies ( http://www.albaspectrum.com ) – Microsoft Great Plains, Navision, Microsoft CRM Partner, serving clients in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Recife, Manaus, Lisboa, Coimbra, Porto, Cascais and having locations in multiple states and internationally

How to Clean you Keyboard and Mouse

The equipment that makes it possible for you to use your PC such as mouse and keyboard are very important things to keep clean in order for them to work correctly. The process of cleaning them is very simple and if cleaned when needed the overall life span of the product will be longer. Underneath are some simple instructions to follow to clean your key board and mouse ensuring they are both working to the best of their ability:

Cleaning your keyboard

There are two ways of cleaning your keyboard there is the quick clean and the extensive clean both are very simple to do;

Quick clean

Firstly make sure there is no power going to the keyboard.

You will need the following in order to clean your keyboard using this quick method; ear buds, liquid cleaner (alcohol based), a container of compressed air or vacuum cleaner and a lint free cloth. Once you have all the right equipment then you start by turning the key board upside down and shaking slightly to release any bits that may be loose between the keys. Then either using the compressed air or vacuum go over the keys getting rid of any debris trapped under the keys, once this is done get one of the cotton buds and apply a little of the cleaning fluid to the tip, making sure not to get any on the actual keyboard directly. Once this is done use the cotton bud to go between the keys and along the sides of them getting any bits that may be left behind. Next use your lint free cloth with a little of the cleaning fluid on to wipe over the top of the keys, cleaning off any dirt that may be on top of the keys. Finally use a clean duster or a cloth similar just to ensure everything is dry.

Extensive clean

(This process takes a little longer but is best used for those keyboards that are a little more dirty than most)

For this process you will require the same equipment as above apart from you will also need a flat headed screwdriver. Start by making a note of where each key is, drawing a diagram may be the best way to do it, then you can start taking off the keys, you do this by wedging the screwdriver underneath the keys at the edge first and flicking them out whilst working your way round the board. Once all the keys are removed you then use the compressed air or vacuum to get rid of any larger pieces of dirt along the inside of the keyboard. Then for the best result clean each of the keys individually this is where the time is taken up, clean them with a cloth that has the cleaning fluid on it. When each is done you can then use a clean lint free cloth with the cleaning fluid on it to give the inside of the keyboard one last clean, use a dry cloth to ensure everything is dry before replacing the keys in the right place. (Any keys you haven’t removed simply use the quick cleaning technique, or remove all keys.)

Cleaning your mouse

Your mouse can stop functioning correctly if it’s got dirt trapped inside so it is very important to keep clean.

When cleaning your mouse once again ensure it has been removed from the power source.

For cleaning your mouse you will require cotton buds, lint free cloth, a tissue and a cleaning fluid such as window cleaner. First you will remove the base cover do this by turning the opening to the case anti-clockwise this will release the ball from inside. Then get the lint free cloth with a little window cleaner and wipe the ball clean, then get a cotton bud apply just a couple of drops of the window cleaner to the tip of the bud and use this to clean inside the mouse removing any debris. When this is done use a clean bud with a little window cleaner to clean the three rollers on the inside of the mouse making sure no debris is left behind. Then finally use a clean tissue to ensure all the inside of the mouse is dry and the ball then fit back together, plug into your computer and it should work fine once again.

These are very simple processes to follow and ensure your equipment works to the best of its ability. It is thought best to thoroughly clean your keyboard every 6 months or so depending on how quickly the dirt builds up. Your mouse tends to show signs when it requires cleaning such as stopping moving or moving in an erratic way and using this simple cleaning method will solve the problem.

Computer ForensicsSalary for Both Public and Private Sector

Computer forensics salary varies greatly for both the private sector examiners and public sector examiners. Although most private sector companies offer lower starting rates, they are compensated by larger benefits compared to the benefits provided by government agencies. The salary scale is also affected by geographical location wherein those who are working on “hot spots” such as New York will earn more compared to other states. This is because workers in busy and large cities tend to have higher costs of living than those who are in the less expensive cities.

Computer Forensics Salary-Public Sector

Public sector examiners are those working for the government. May it be that, they are law enforcers or the FBI or simply working as military personnel on some government regulatory agencies, they typically received compensation based on qualification and prevailing pay scales. Their salary is not often based on their experience on the field. The computer forensics salary for new recruits ranges from $50,000 to $75,000. This amount is also dependent on the current budget of the government office they are in. Although these amounts may seem ordinary just like any other jobs, computer forensic examiners usually tend to have workloads which are often demanding more than any ordinary jobs. They are can be on – call or work on duty during the night shift. There will also come a time that this rate will increase as demands for this profession rising all around the world. With the advancement of technology, it is expected that more crimes related to it will also appear. From cyberspace to digital media, these are the coverage of computer forensics. Earlier exposure to data retrieval and digital process analysis will give new recruits an edge when application for promotion will come in. This promotion will enable them hold position such as senior officers and the like. Their salary range will then increase to six digits.

Computer Forensics Salary -Private Sector Private sector examiners are those who are employed by private investigation firms. These are the companies which handles investigation usually requested by private firms. Before such investigation will be made, a contract will be made stating what services will be offered and the rates they will be working on. Usually a retainer fee is also asked from the client as to protect the private consulting firm from being ripped off. Sometimes computer forensic agency might be unable to find the alleged evidence which the clients wants them to find, and so the client doesn’t pay for the services done. Such retainer fees collected is around $1000.The usual hourly rate for services offered by the consulting firm ranges from $200 to $400. This would make around $50,000 to $60,000 per year as the usual computer forensic salary for private examiners. These numbers will also increase as your experience grows and your skills are honed until you become senior managers of the firms. The typical salary for senior managers of will fall between the ranges of $100,000 to $200,000. For owners and partners of the firms, their salaries are even much higher.

Compaq Computer Problems Computer Hardware Problems Hp Computer Problems Fix Computer Errors

Every computer has problems. These problems can arise from a hard drive that is too full, a virus that you might have inadvertently downloaded, spyware that might have been installed from a pop up that you clicked on because there was no way that one could have been harmful. Sometimes a computer runs into problems just because of the basic wear and tear that comes along with age.

If you are having Compaq computer problems it could be for any number of reasons. Sometimes there are major hardware problems and sometimes some simple maintenance that you can do yourself is the answer. Usually a computer starts having problems because the system is overloaded. You might have a temporary folder that is filled to bursting or you might have too many programs installed that you aren’t using.

One of the most common Compaq computer problems is a start up system that has too much installed. Most programs will give you the option of having them start up as soon as your computer gets turned on. Usually these programs have this option automatically selected and if you haven’t been paying attention it is highly likely that you have a computer that is trying to start far too many programs at the same time. The best way to see what programs you have installed in your computer is to run the msconfig program and then see what all is listed under the start up menu. Here you simply check the programs that you would rather start manually and have them deleted from the list. You will want to be careful, though. Only un-check the programs that you recognize. Make sure to run a check on any programs that you don’t recognize. Those programs could be viruses but it is just as likely that they are oddly named programs that are essential to the normal functionality of your computer.

Another of the most common Compaq computer problems is having software that hasn’t been updated properly. Always check the “yes” box when asked if you would like to update your system software. Often these updates come with security fixes and bug fixes that left unchecked could eventually spell the “blue screen of death” for your computer. It is easy to make sure that your computer software is up to date. Simply visit the software’s home page and run a check on your system. The website will let you know what you need to download to make sure that your system is functioning the way the manufacturer hopes it will function.

These are just a couple of the most common Compaq computer problems and the good news is that these problems are easy to fix yourself. There are a number of other options to try and a simple web search yield a variety of simple tutorials that will teach you how to take care of all of your routine maintenance needs from the comfort of your very own living room. Have fun!

Slow Computer Problems Tip #1

Check your internet cache. Not only does every single page you look at on the internet get stored into a history folder in the depths of your computer, but every single part of those pages gets saved as a separate file in what is known as the cache folder. Yes, every single tiny graphic gets stored in its own file. That green dot that repeats twelve times as an illustration of bullet points? Twelve separate gif files in your cache. Make sure you clean out the cache often.

Slow Computer Problems Tip #2

Ad ware is the devil. Ad ware can be attached to your computer by any number of sites (though it is most famously used by sites of an “adult” nature). This ad ware keeps track of where you go online like a cookie does, but ad ware is typically a covert program that slows down the computer to make it easier to track where you go. Run a spy ware or ad aware program on a regular basis to keep these programs and files at bay.

Slow Computer Problems Tip #3

Defragment your hard drive regularly. Sometimes parts of your files get corrupted. The more files that are corrupted or “fragmented,” the more slowly your computer will run. A defragmentation of your hard drive should be done on a regular basis. It is a long process, so the defragmenting program is best run overnight.