Google Adsense is meant as the best concept with which a person can earn money in bulk amount. It is known as the best affiliate with whom webmasters as well as bloggers love to earn money. But the basic terms and conditions of Google Adsense are very much strict. You need to be very careful while signing up for its concept to earn money.

Now, let me tell you how can you apply for Google Adsense safely. So, that you will not face any kind of difficulties after completing the account or after approval of Google Adsense.


1. First Step is you should have a Gmail Id or Google Account to Sign Up. If you don’t have you can Sign Up with Gmail which is a mailing concept by Google.

2. When you have own email id. Go to the official website of Google Adsense which is

3. Click on Sign Up Now button to register your account in the Google Adsense account.

4. Now, you will be on the registration form of Google Adsense. You must fill the proper information in the blanks given to you. Like:


Website URL : Put the domain name of your website here e.g., etc.


Website Language : Select the language of your website, like English, German etc. You also need to mark both the boxes which are related to which are the approval by you to not placing your ads on any irrelevant content.

Account Type : Select the type of the account. Whether is Individual or Business. Mostly people select individual account only.

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Country : Select the country, from where you and your website belongs to.

Payee Name : This is the name on which the cheque will get issude by Google for your earnings. This name is not editable after approval, so you need to fill the appropriate name only.

Street Address : Fill proper address with state,town, city, zip code etc. with proper information. As Google will send the check on this address only. Also mark on the box which is asking you about will you received the checks on on that name

Phone & Email : These preferences are optional. You can select or submit them according to your wish.

Policies : You need to check all the three boxes as this is an very essential step.

4. After filling the all above information, click on the Submit Information button.

5. You will be on the next page now. Verify that the information which have been filled by you is right or not. Then fill your Google or Gmail Id and password if you are an existing user.

6. Click on continue and on the next page you will get a message by Google that you will be notified within few days about the status of your Adsense account. Whether is has been approved or disapproved.

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