Every computer has problems. These problems can arise from a hard drive that is too full, a virus that you might have inadvertently downloaded, spyware that might have been installed from a pop up that you clicked on because there was no way that one could have been harmful. Sometimes a computer runs into problems just because of the basic wear and tear that comes along with age.

If you are having Compaq computer problems it could be for any number of reasons. Sometimes there are major hardware problems and sometimes some simple maintenance that you can do yourself is the answer. Usually a computer starts having problems because the system is overloaded. You might have a temporary folder that is filled to bursting or you might have too many programs installed that you aren’t using.

One of the most common Compaq computer problems is a start up system that has too much installed. Most programs will give you the option of having them start up as soon as your computer gets turned on. Usually these programs have this option automatically selected and if you haven’t been paying attention it is highly likely that you have a computer that is trying to start far too many programs at the same time. The best way to see what programs you have installed in your computer is to run the msconfig program and then see what all is listed under the start up menu. Here you simply check the programs that you would rather start manually and have them deleted from the list. You will want to be careful, though. Only un-check the programs that you recognize. Make sure to run a check on any programs that you don’t recognize. Those programs could be viruses but it is just as likely that they are oddly named programs that are essential to the normal functionality of your computer.

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Another of the most common Compaq computer problems is having software that hasn’t been updated properly. Always check the “yes” box when asked if you would like to update your system software. Often these updates come with security fixes and bug fixes that left unchecked could eventually spell the “blue screen of death” for your computer. It is easy to make sure that your computer software is up to date. Simply visit the software’s home page and run a check on your system. The website will let you know what you need to download to make sure that your system is functioning the way the manufacturer hopes it will function.

These are just a couple of the most common Compaq computer problems and the good news is that these problems are easy to fix yourself. There are a number of other options to try and a simple web search yield a variety of simple tutorials that will teach you how to take care of all of your routine maintenance needs from the comfort of your very own living room. Have fun!

Slow Computer Problems Tip #1

Check your internet cache. Not only does every single page you look at on the internet get stored into a history folder in the depths of your computer, but every single part of those pages gets saved as a separate file in what is known as the cache folder. Yes, every single tiny graphic gets stored in its own file. That green dot that repeats twelve times as an illustration of bullet points? Twelve separate gif files in your cache. Make sure you clean out the cache often.

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Slow Computer Problems Tip #2

Ad ware is the devil. Ad ware can be attached to your computer by any number of sites (though it is most famously used by sites of an “adult” nature). This ad ware keeps track of where you go online like a cookie does, but ad ware is typically a covert program that slows down the computer to make it easier to track where you go. Run a spy ware or ad aware program on a regular basis to keep these programs and files at bay.

Slow Computer Problems Tip #3

Defragment your hard drive regularly. Sometimes parts of your files get corrupted. The more files that are corrupted or “fragmented,” the more slowly your computer will run. A defragmentation of your hard drive should be done on a regular basis. It is a long process, so the defragmenting program is best run overnight.

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