Do you think you have the fashion sense and passion to become a celebrity personal stylist? This is an extremely demanding, yet rewarding career. It is a dream job for people who have an eye for grooming, like to shop and love to be in lime-light. Almost every TV, movie or fashion personality has his or her own personal stylist, these days.

Especially in countries like UK and America, it has become a norm for almost every known person. Hence, personal stylists are in great demand. A celebrity can earn thousands of dollars per month depending on the number of clients he has and the quality of service he can provide. The better you are at your job, the more you can earn from it.

Until few years ago, personal stylist was not a separate profession. Fashion designers or make-up artists used to style the celebrities as a part of their job. But with time, people started realizing that style is something that should not be limited to just special occasions. It should be adopted as a way of life. The growing power of media also had a role to play in this change as celebrities found themselves constantly surrounded by paparazzi.

There are a number of things that you must possess in order to become a successful celebrity personal stylist. The first and foremost is a good fashion sense. You should have a passion for latest fashion trends and must know the latest fashion from around the world. You should also have a strong sense of conviction in yourself. Nobody likes to work with a stylist who doubts his own decisions.

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Apart from this, you must also possess good people skills i.e. you should know the way to make your clients feel comfortable around you, so that they can share their likes and dislikes with you without any hesitations.

Besides these inherent qualities, a personal stylist must also have a good formal training. For this, you can take a personal stylist course. Personal stylist courses are the best way to land a good job as a celebrity stylist. These courses provide training in various aspects of personal styling and you can work as personal shopper, life coach, stylist, clothing retailer and advisor for celebrities. The formal training instills a sense of confidence in your clients as they know that you are a trained professional who knows what he or she’s doing.

Since most personal stylist training institutes provide practical training, you don’t feel like an amateur on first day of your job. There are a number of personal stylist training institutes out there and it’s up to you to choose the right one of them. Don’t get fooled by shady institutes and only take admission in the one that has a good reputation.

Some people think that their inherent fashion sense is enough to become a personal stylist. But in the eye of rising competition, formal training has become essential for every professional.

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