Gaming, a hobby that began with simple cards and imagination, for the Legend of Zelda and Magic: The Gathering Folks, are now highly digital. From dedicated gaming consoles like the classic Atari to the newer Xbox and PS3 systems, games have gone far in terms of graphics, game play and complexity. But while people never saw the PC as a true gaming platform when it was still starting out with those grainy, simplistic, overly dependent on graphics games with really bad controls, today, gaming PCs are not only real gaming machines, but are game changers and niche makers. Gaming PCs do not only pack the graphics and computing power that can really put even the newest gaming consoles to shame, but they are, most importantly, highly upgradeable and highly connected. You really cannot say that about gaming consoles.

Although the PS3 and Xbox lines are now connected and have dedicated gaming centers where players can interact with other players around the world, you really can’t open up a PS3 and just upgrade its graphics card. With gaming PCs, you can do just that. You can even pack it with two identical graphics cards and double your graphics processing power to get more out of your high-definition games and display. You can swap the hard disk drive or add as much as you need to install all of your favorite games. But let us go beyond the hardware and talk about connectivity and the changes that PC gaming has brought to the gaming world.When the internet started becoming popular, gaming consoles did not adapt to it as fast as they could have. What really changed the way games were played were the MMORPGs or massively multi-player role playing games like Ragnarok and the Warcraft series. What these games did was offer low-resolution games that let the programmers host massive numbers of players on the web. This meant that people with even low spec PCs got to enjoy simple yet highly addictive games while interacting with other players online. This paved the way for interactive games where, instead of playing with artificial intelligence foes, you got to battle toe to toe with a gamer from India or any place in the globe. And the best things about gaming PCs is that a lot of the titles that come out for consoles have PC versions. This means that you get to do more with your PC and not need a dedicated gaming console. So if you are new to gaming and want to experience it at the most varied and interactive level that you can, go to a gaming computer sale near you and get the best PC that you can.

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