The equipment that makes it possible for you to use your PC such as mouse and keyboard are very important things to keep clean in order for them to work correctly. The process of cleaning them is very simple and if cleaned when needed the overall life span of the product will be longer. Underneath are some simple instructions to follow to clean your key board and mouse ensuring they are both working to the best of their ability:

Cleaning your keyboard

There are two ways of cleaning your keyboard there is the quick clean and the extensive clean both are very simple to do;

Quick clean

Firstly make sure there is no power going to the keyboard.

You will need the following in order to clean your keyboard using this quick method; ear buds, liquid cleaner (alcohol based), a container of compressed air or vacuum cleaner and a lint free cloth. Once you have all the right equipment then you start by turning the key board upside down and shaking slightly to release any bits that may be loose between the keys. Then either using the compressed air or vacuum go over the keys getting rid of any debris trapped under the keys, once this is done get one of the cotton buds and apply a little of the cleaning fluid to the tip, making sure not to get any on the actual keyboard directly. Once this is done use the cotton bud to go between the keys and along the sides of them getting any bits that may be left behind. Next use your lint free cloth with a little of the cleaning fluid on to wipe over the top of the keys, cleaning off any dirt that may be on top of the keys. Finally use a clean duster or a cloth similar just to ensure everything is dry.

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Extensive clean

(This process takes a little longer but is best used for those keyboards that are a little more dirty than most)

For this process you will require the same equipment as above apart from you will also need a flat headed screwdriver. Start by making a note of where each key is, drawing a diagram may be the best way to do it, then you can start taking off the keys, you do this by wedging the screwdriver underneath the keys at the edge first and flicking them out whilst working your way round the board. Once all the keys are removed you then use the compressed air or vacuum to get rid of any larger pieces of dirt along the inside of the keyboard. Then for the best result clean each of the keys individually this is where the time is taken up, clean them with a cloth that has the cleaning fluid on it. When each is done you can then use a clean lint free cloth with the cleaning fluid on it to give the inside of the keyboard one last clean, use a dry cloth to ensure everything is dry before replacing the keys in the right place. (Any keys you haven’t removed simply use the quick cleaning technique, or remove all keys.)

Cleaning your mouse

Your mouse can stop functioning correctly if it’s got dirt trapped inside so it is very important to keep clean.

When cleaning your mouse once again ensure it has been removed from the power source.

For cleaning your mouse you will require cotton buds, lint free cloth, a tissue and a cleaning fluid such as window cleaner. First you will remove the base cover do this by turning the opening to the case anti-clockwise this will release the ball from inside. Then get the lint free cloth with a little window cleaner and wipe the ball clean, then get a cotton bud apply just a couple of drops of the window cleaner to the tip of the bud and use this to clean inside the mouse removing any debris. When this is done use a clean bud with a little window cleaner to clean the three rollers on the inside of the mouse making sure no debris is left behind. Then finally use a clean tissue to ensure all the inside of the mouse is dry and the ball then fit back together, plug into your computer and it should work fine once again.

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These are very simple processes to follow and ensure your equipment works to the best of its ability. It is thought best to thoroughly clean your keyboard every 6 months or so depending on how quickly the dirt builds up. Your mouse tends to show signs when it requires cleaning such as stopping moving or moving in an erratic way and using this simple cleaning method will solve the problem.

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