Here are some practical and simple steps you can use to fix many of the most common computer problems. You might be able to fix your computer error in just 15 minutes with some of these recommendations.

Computers are used everyday in our day to day lives but like any machine they need regular maintenance, upgrade, troubleshooting and some tender loving care at times. Many tasks required to fix computer problems and prevent various computer errors are actually very simple.

In the majority of cases, errors exist in .EXE, .DLL and driver files. This takes place often due to invalid or corrupt entries in the registry caused by the installation of programs, moving things around, deleting files, and general everyday use. These files are very important as they create entries in the registry which are also used to operate the system. When the registry becomes unstable or damaged it will significantly slow down the computer and will create random responses and errors.

Run Defragmenter: The first thing you can do is to run a disk defragmenter program. This task leads to the disorganization of the disk content, whereby the parts of the many files on the hard disk, are stored closer to each other and contiguously. A disk defragmenter use compaction to create large areas of free space on the hard drive and this means that the computer can find information faster with less errors overall.

Registry Scan: In order to fix computer errors in the registry you should run a registry scan because this enables unwanted data to be detected and subsequently deleted. This type of program can be done easily using any popular registry fixing software that is often free to download and use on your computer. You can choose from a variety of software that can complete many registry maintenance activities and remove malevolent software such as viruses and spyware. In addition, many of these same computer programs will also backup, scan and fix the registry and finally defragment the computer.

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Remove Spyware and Viruses: Spyware and viruses create most of the computer problems we see today. Computer viruses can also reduce your computer’s response time and it make it run slower. This is different that software (spyware) that is programmed to copy malicious code onto the computer in order to steal confidential data. Often this code is later transmitted to an outside computer through the internet for other malicious uses. Fixing computer errors requires a common sense approach, which means updating any anti-spyware and antivirus tools on a regular basis. Just using them once and never updating them will solve your problem today but may not protect you in the future.

Fixing the Boot Sector: Software that isn’t working properly or optimized can also damage your computer hard drive’s boot sectors, and this can prevent the system from booting up properly or at all. In order to fix computer errors, which relate to booting, it is advisable to use the relevant operating system booting CD usually provided with your computer.

Upgrade Your RAM: Insufficient memory is another source of errors, which can lead to various computer problems. Some of these problems result in system crashes, blue screens, system hangs, a sudden restart of the computer or even software programs that crash. Fixing computer errors that relate to memory can often be achieved with freeware, which help resolve RAM and related issues. These sofware can greatly increase computer speed and response time and are also very easy to use. Completing a computer memory test is also highly advisable in that event. You may also need to buy new RAM or upgrade your RAM to make your computer faster and run more error-free.

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