The more easy it’s to use a smartphone, the harder it is to increase its battery life. It is often seen that people say that there is no battery problem in the iPhone and some of them have got large battery’s but in reality any smartphone, whether it is an iPhone or another Android, its battery life is good at the beginning, but according to usage and with time it degrades. Today I will talk about how to save battery on iPhone X. So I am going to tell you some tips that can be used to increase the battery life of the iPhone X.

1. Deactivate Battery Consuming Apps

First of all, immediately delete the apps from the iPhone which are drain the phone’s battery. To see which app is consuming more battery, go to ‘Setting’ first and then open ‘Battery’ option. Here, you will get to know which app is consuming more battery. Now if there is an app that is not used and is consuming the battery, then remove it from your phone.

2. Turn off Background Apps

The biggest impact on the battery life of the iPhone is these background apps. If you want your phone’s battery life should not get impaired, then close the background app. Features such as background apps and automatic app updates reduce battery life of the iPhone. So it would be nice to keep them off. To close the background app, open ‘Setting’ and open ‘General’> ‘Background App Refresh’. Look at the top, if it’s ‘On’, then immediately turn it ‘Off’.

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3. Turn Off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Most users always keep Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, location, hotspot ‘On’, but it’s not a good practice because you will observe that your battery runs out quickly. So if you do not need it, then close all of them. Along with this, always keeping check mobile data (cellular) because it also has an effect on battery life, so if it is possible then turn then ‘Off’ if there is no need. By doing so, users can immensely extend their iPhone’s battery life.

4. Keep brightness low or automatic

Most of the iPhone battery is consumed by the display. So reduce the brightness to save battery because more the brightness the more the battery consignment will be. So adjust the brightness with the help of the slider in iOS 11. Along with this, the option of ‘Automatic Brightness’ remains the best.

5. Keep the fitness/tracking feature Off

Nowadays many users use Apple Watch or fitness tracker. However, most users take this feature lightly and then later on complaint about the battery life. It would be better to turn off the iPhone’s fitness/motion tracking feature and increase the battery life of your iPhone. Open ‘Setting’ for this and then open ‘Privacy’> ‘Motion & Fitness’ turn it ‘Off’.

This was all about how to save battery on iPhone X. If you are facing any problem regarding this, feel free to relay your comments below and it will be my pleasure to help you.

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