I have been waiting for alternatives to traditional TV broadcasts through the existing and expensive channels. Both Apple and Google have announced products to entice us with Apple’s iTV being available today for your use. Apple TV has a some networks including Netflix and is missing a few key players to round out the product and make it a great one. Reviews have been positive.

Tomorrow, Google will have a press conference announcing Google TV, with content agreements and launching the product. Google is providing the software side of things and Logitech is providing the hardware for the set top box tomorrow as well. Other hardware providers should follow once this is operating in mainstream. There is a press conference scheduled for next week with Sony and rumor has it, they will reveal a Google TV enabled TV.

Providing TV to the masses is not about the hardware, but about the content. The Web is all about content and getting all you need via this access point is the goal we all want to have, even if it means having to pay for it. The cable companies have us at their mercy and we need to break free of that. Apple and Google will provide having direct access to the web which is great, along with twitter and You Tube. What is really important, though is to be a complete solution for homes so as to displace the current corporate providers. This would be a game changer when it happens and subscribers to Web TV would skyrocket.

Using a computer to get to the Web on your TV has been done for years so you can watch Hulu and You Tube videos. Apple’s iTV and Google TV put this together in a single package for us this year and the potential looks good. One would expect more major networks will come to this new platform early next year, once it can be demonstrated wide audience acceptance by using these services. For the networks, it is all about the numbers and the revenue, which means they will not come around until they surpass some value they are looking for.

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Is tomorrow the day we finally get Web TV? It does not appear to be so, though I really wanted it to be. Having a few major networks does not make this an option ready to go head to head with the traditional channels. Both Apple’s iTV and Google TV need to focus on content and deliver true Web TV to the masses.

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