Kahoot Education’s Kahoot Bot software was designed to help you more easily run classroom KA/KH quizzes with your students using popular KA/KH games on the web. The Kahoot Bot software automatically monitors each player’s activity, and automatically publishes to the KA/KH leaderboard the questions they answer correctly and incorrectly, the player who answered the correct first option, and the player who answered the correct second option. The Kahoot Bot software also tracks individual student performance, and provides a “Student Rank” based on each score
Kahoot! was launched in 2013 as a game-based classroom response framework. Kahoot! provides instructors with a novel and engaging method to assess student abilities and increase classroom engagement. It is accessible from any computer equipped with a web browser and an Internet connection. Not only are students and teachers using Kahoot!, but also businesses and other customers looking for a pleasant networking experience.

Kahoot Is A Best Fun Game For Your Students

Kahoot! is a game-based pedagogy that enables learners to do research and produce content that is then shared with their peers. Kahootgame-based !’s approach is more engaging than traditional quizzes, uniting students as they compete for the most correct answers and a place on the scoreboard. Since its debut, Kahoot! has been utilized in schools worldwide by instructors of all grade levels.

Signing up for a Kahoot! account is completely free, whether you’re a teacher, student, businessperson, or just want to use it socially. The whole process takes less than 30 seconds and requires just a few basic profile details:

Navigate to the Kahoot! registration page.

As a client, you have the option of selecting your position.

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Assist the institution (if applicable)

Complete your account information, including your username, email address, and password.

From the drop-down option, choose “Create Account.”

Your account position is not set in stone; you may change it by visiting your profile page on the Kahoot! site. Your position has no effect on the appearance or functionality of your Kahoot! account; all users will always be able to create their own Kahoot!s, access another user’s Kahoot!, and so on.

Kahoot! in the Classroom

Kahoot Smasher game-based !’s pedagogy is built on a “learner to leader” cycle in which students are encouraged to take on leadership roles by researching, creating, and presenting their own quizzes. Students are driven to acquire and impart knowledge when they do research on a particular topic. When finished, the cycle provides pupils with not just empowerment, but also enjoyment.

The loop starts when instructors demonstrate their own Kahoot! in front of the class and invite students to respond to the questions. Following that, students concentrate on creating their own tests, doing research, and learning more about the subject. Since creating their own Kahoot!, students have been able to practice their leadership abilities by replaying it for their peers. Teachers may assess a student’s comprehension of a topic by examining the consistency of the quiz questions and answer options.

Kahoot! is convenient in that it saves the results of each quiz played. When participants take a quiz, they are required to choose a nickname by which they will be recognized; this nickname, together with the answer each player chose and whether it was right or wrong, is included in the quiz results. The presenter’s Kahoot! profile contains the teacher’s registered ratings, which may be downloaded and saved for personal use. This makes grading with Kahoot! a snap.

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The Road to Improved Results and Increased Engagement

Students may develop while having fun in the classroom when games are utilized. Students are driven to do well since they are playing a game rather than taking a conventional test. There is an excellent video of year 9 Eastbourne students participating in a Kahoot! game, and one kid is ecstatic to see whether his answer is correct. He and his students also participate in the celebration, showing how Kahoot! makes learning more fun.

David Ceron, a fourth-grade writing teacher at Ruben Hinojosa Elementary School, saw such a dramatic improvement in his kids’ grades that he felt compelled to inform Kahoot! about it, despite the fact that he had just found Kahoot! a few months before. Three weeks before the exam, his grades increased from 79 percent passing the previous year to 88 percent passing this year. He credits a large part of his success to Kahoot!, which made preparing for the writing exam enjoyable for his pupils.

Kahoot! is not only for primary school kids; Jorick Sheerens’ undergraduate class at Mediacollege in Amsterdam responded to the game-based response scheme with laughter and applause. Students of all ages benefit from using Kahoot! in the classroom. Kahoot! makes community learning accessible and enjoyable for kids today, regardless of whether they purchase a smartphone or iPad or utilize school-provided devices.