LEV Testing (local exhaust ventilation) Explained

What is LEV?

Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) is known as a method of managing and decreasing the direct exposure of employees to airborne dirt, dust, fumes and vapours which may be hazardous to their health and well being. An example of this could be where an employee is operating a table saw which produces dust from the materials that are being cut. A Local Exhaust Ventilation system would remove the vast majority of that airborne dust through a hood connected to ducting that has suction provided by a fan. This system would extract the dust from the local area and either discharge it in to a larger filtration system or in to a local filter connected to the LEV system. The clean air is then released back in to the local atmosphere where it poses no hazard to staff and employees. An example of this would be a dust collection system.


 Why do I need LEV testing?

Under current Health and Safety at Work acts of 1974, plus Regulation 9 of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, regulations state that any Local Exhaust Ventilation system must be maintained in an effective working order and in good repair. This covers any LEV system that removes airborne dust or fumes. By ensuring that your LEV systems meet all current health and safety regulations you’re not only protecting your staff but you’re also protecting your company in the event that a member of your workforce becomes injured while carrying out their duties.

LEV maintenance plays a vital role in protecting your staff, your business and in extending the life of your LEV plant while also maintaining it’s maximum performance capabilities

All LEV systems must be examined and tested at least every 14 months although some systems require more frequently depending upon their use and processes. We can advise you on how often your particular system needs to be examined. Click here to contact us for advice. CoSHH Regulation 9 also states that a record must be kept of all checks, faults, maintenance, service and repairs. These records should be kept in a log book for each LEV system and held on file for a minimum of 5 years. We can advise you on all aspects of record keeping.

As part of our LEV testing services we can provide you with a log book if you do not currently have one and we can also advise you on how to maintain accurate records in accordance with Regulation 9 of CoSHH.

In addition to this you must also have information on the installed LEV system to confirm that it provides adequate protection to staff and employees who operate the system. This information should be kept for the lifetime of the system. A common misconception is that the original supplier of the LEV system must also undertake the testing, maintenance and repair of it. This is not the case and it is often far cheaper to use a dedicated, specialised, LEV testing company to carry out such work. Click here to contact us to find out how we can help you with this.

We’re known as the LEV maintenance experts.


 What Does An LEV Test Involve?

A thorough and competent LEV test consists of a visual inspection of the entire system to check for obvious signs of wear and tear as well as damaged or broken/faulty parts. The LEV testing engineer will also check that the filter cleaning devices are working correctly, inspect air mover mechanisms such as drive belts. They will also check the monitors and alarms that are fitted to the LEV plant.

The visual part of the test also looks for indicators of ineffectiveness such as dust deposits and that the system is in a well maintained condition, cleaned, condition.

Once the visual part of the inspection has been completed the engineer will need to use specialist testing equipment to ensure the system is performing to the required performances that the Local Exhaust Ventilation system was designed for. This part of the LEV test is usually carried out with the system running at normal operating conditions so our engineers can test the hoods, ducts and filters.

Where the system passes all parts of the LEV test our engineer will enter all of the details, as well as the results, in to the log book for that particular piece of LEV plant. If any part of the system should fail the test then our engineer will advise you accordingly including a recommended course of action to remedy the problem.

The LEV report will contain;

Prioritised remedial actions (inc any red labels)
The process and substance/substances controlled
LEV diagram showing location and test points
LEV system condition inc photos, serial numbers etc
Qualitative and quantitative methods used
Qualitative and quantitative assessment records
Required and assessed LEV system performance compared
Comments on operator methods of working
Comments on system wear and tear
Date of next examination and test

Should your LEV system fail the test and require replacement parts we are able to order replacement parts as well as fit them for you so that your LEV system can be given a ‘pass’.


 Why You Should Choose Us For LEV Testing?

With the current regulations for Local Exhaust Ventilation, including those under CoSHH and Health and Safety laws, you shouldn’t be leaving anything to chance when it comes to protecting your staff and employees within the work place. Making sure that you systems are fully compliant with all H&S regulations also helps to protect your company from injury claims made by your staff.

Our dedicated team of trained LEV engineers are able to inspect, test and repair any type of LEV plant regardless of the manufacturer or supplier.

This means your downtime is reduced to an absolute minimum while also ensuring your LEV systems are maintained to give peak performance. This leads to improved efficiency while also reducing your running costs.

Our clients range from small workshops to large industrial organisations including schools, hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers and the chemical industry. And it’s not only LEV testing services that we can offer you.

We can also provide the following services for Local Exhaust Ventilation;

  • Consultancy
  • Commissioning
  • Decommissioning
  • Servicing
  • Process Trouble Shooting
  • Supply and Fit of Replacement Parts

Unlike many other LEV testing companies, we are completely independent of any LEV manufacturer and supplier so we can offer you totally unbiased advice on the best course of action for you and your company. We are completely impartial when it comes to Local Exhaust Ventilation systems.

To find out how we can best serve your LEV requirements get in touch with us today, our contact details are below.


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