Franklin is fortunate (or cursed?) in Grand Theft Auto V with the chance to encounter some of the weirdest Strangers and Freaks. Do not misunderstand: Trevor’s border patrol is appalling, and Michael’s own family is brimming with fascinating experiences, but Beverly? Tonya, how about you? How about Dom? No competition will take place. Franklin is usually annoyed by the presence of a question mark, and his latest visit to Los Santos International Airport was no exception. Franklin may have never been in more danger than he was on this trip…

– Proceed to the airport. The gentleman you seek – yes, it is the beautiful daredevil Dom – is located on the lower concourse, regardless of how the GPS leads you around the streets.

– Keep an eye out for the cut scene.

– Accompany Dom as he approaches the airport’s perimeter. Keep your eyes peeled for aircraft.

– Dom will suddenly take a right turn and enter an aircraft through the cargo hatch. Suit up and do it fast – the aircraft accelerates rapidly.

Liquidity Risk in Grand Theft Auto V

– Follow Dom as he rides his ATV out of the aircraft. Yes, Franklin. Veer to the left because colliding with Dom and killing yourself is much too simple.

– Soar through the skies and do whatever stunts you want. However, avoid becoming too absorbed in them that you lose sight of your objective: safely landing your ATV by dumping it near the ground. If you do not leave until Dom does, you will get a scolding… However, avoid lingering too long or you will be toast.

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– Land on the sandy beaches of… Sandy… Beaches at the waypoint. It is irrelevant if you make it to the landing zone or not, as long as you reach Dom thereafter. He’ll then fly away, abandoning you. I let out a sigh.

Survive a water landing in Dive Bomber without releasing your parachute. This one will need complete health and a few practice runs. As soon as you’re on the ATV in the plane’s cargo hold, rev the engine and sprint towards the cargo door. Once in the air, keep your foot on the throttle and aim your ATV forward. While your ATV will flip continuously on the drop, you should be able to maintain control of your fall – all the way to the Alamo Sea. When you reach the water, you will suffer significant damage (I’m not sure whether standing straight helps, but it can’t hurt), but you will live. If you swim to the beach, you satisfy the criterion. When you reach the ground, you’ll… yeah, you’ll understand what I’m saying. All the best.

As Sky Blazer, do eight flips on the ATV. As long as you keep the left stick forward, you’ll be doing flips all the way down. If you swerve the stick to the sides, you will undoubtedly deviate from the path and collide into the field. This is agonizingly unpleasant and is the primary reason for mission restarts.

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