You can make money online with affiliate program. The problem lies with the sheer numbers of affiliations you can choose from. Below I have listed a few things for you to consider, and my opinion of the best starting place.



Most of us starting out are looking for the right instructions that will set us on our way. This should not be hard, but you will have to be careful when looking. If you join an affiliation that only deals with one, or one line of products, their instructions are going to be very specific to that product. This is great when you are working as part of the group, but it could also mean that you can’t really apply it to anything outside of their specific area group.

You are going to want to look for an affiliation that has more options, or has picked a more general area to cater to. For example; you might look for an affiliation that has targeted internet marketing instead of specific products. You will find more information there that you can relate to later with different products.

You will need the right instructions for learning the basics about affiliate marketing, how to set up a website, and how to drive traffic to your site. No matter what the product is; you need traffic to make a profit.


Some groups do give their members access to tools. Most of these will be free to their members, but some of them will not include everything you will need to make a profit. It is actually very rare to find an affiliation that includes everything you could need.

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There are too many ways that you can market on the internet, and too many options for tools. You should look for the basics though, and you may want to insure that it includes a keyword research tool. This tool is by far the most important tool when you learn how to use it. Not all groups will have it though. This is the second step to make money with an affiliate program; you will need a keyword research tool to help you make a profit.

Other tools, like tracking tools and tools to build your website are also going to be important as well. The keyword tool is the first tool you will need, then get the site up and use the tracking tool to keep track of which methods are working and which ones need to be worked on.


This is a vital piece to making internet marketing work for you, especially if you are new to it. There really is nothing that can replace this either, though some sites have set up FAQ pages that include some basic instructions. You are going to want great support if you are going to make money with affiliate program.

What happens if you need more than that? Can you actually ask someone for help if you don’t understand something? Will they answer you if you did ask? Don’t be impressed with the member numbers in some groups. Not all of those members are actual active members. Being an active member includes more than paying your membership fee. Active members are the ones you are going to notice daily. They are some of the ones that will be answering questions on forums or blogs, and some of the ones posting new tutorials.

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You are going to want to look for a group that actually participates with each other. The more people you have to ask a question of, the higher the chance you will get an answer that suits you. This is the least thought of, but vital piece of making money with affiliate program. You are going nowhere if you don’t understand how to get there.

Is it possible to make money online with affiliate program? Yes. But there is only one place I would recommend to anyone no matter their level of experience, but especially to beginners. You will find everything I stated above, and much more at Wealthy Affiliate. It really is set up for you to become a success!

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