Any size business can take advantage of sending mobile phone ads. All you need is to get signed up with a company that can send bulk SMS advertising and then start building a list. Your customers can start receiving ads on their mobile phones as soon as they sign up.
Yes, you will have to build your own list. There are no lists that you can just buy text numbers from because this is illegal. A customer has to explicitly sign up for your list before you can send them text messages.
The only exception to this might be if a local company has built a list of people who say they want a text when a new local business starts sending text coupons. Then, that company could send a text blast to their list saying your company will start sending out text coupons and deals and if they want to sign up they just need to text your keyword to your short code.
Before you sign up with a mobile phone ad company, you should know a little about how they work. Some companies will assign you an agent and the agent will handle all of your campaigns. You will call your agent and say “I want to send out this message to my list on this day at this time” and your agent will do all the work for you.
Other companies will have you sign up with a username and password and get into their mobile phone software and schedule your own texts. If you do it this way you should still have strong phone and tutorial support.
Don’t worry, it’s simple to send and schedule your own text messages, plus collect your own contacts. Anyone can learn it easily.
Once you are signed up with a way to send your text messages you will need to figure a way to get the word out there that you are offering this service. One of the best ways is by putting up signs at your place of business.
This is where your customers are coming anyway, right? Put up signs on the wall or table tents on the tables. Give away flyers with receipts. Put the message on all of your advertising.
The message will be “Text coffee to 96362 to receive text coupons from us!”
Coffee would be replaced with your keyword and 96362 would be replaced with your short code and then you would follow up with whatever your message is. If you are sending out notifications instead of text coupons then that’s what you would say.
Just keep in mind that your customers need a good reason to sign up for your mobile phone ads. They don’t want to just be sold to – they want something in it for them too. That’s why I love the text coupons idea. If they open your text message and see a coupon for 20% off their next purchase, or whatever you send out, you can bet they will be in soon!
So don’t wait. Find a local or national company today who will meet your needs the best for mobile phone ads. Start building your list and start sending those messages! Your sales and profits will thank you.
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