Google has found its way to determine the importance and value of each page of each site. It does it by assigning a certain rank to each webpage. Page rank is updated every three months and the changes can be traced with the help of Google Tool Bar. Page rank is something akin to a rating which is done on the scale from 0 to 10. There is a lot of information and guesses related to how the page ranking mechanism works, its importance, why it drops seemingly unreasonably but it is hard to give an accurate answer to all questions as Google likes to keep people guessing.

Many people are sure that page rank has little effect on the search engine ranking position. The ground for this assumption is that SERP is changed weekly and sometimes even daily while page rank is updated around every 3 months. However, still most people are sure that page rank is an important aspect of site promotion.

Each webmaster has his or her own attitude to page rank, but the fact remains: every three months everybody is eagerly waiting to see the page rank update. SEO specialists think this interest is mainly triggered by fear that page rank might drop. Page rank is like a lacmus paper that shows the worth of each site. Webmasters know that if Google gives their site a high page rank, it recognizes the site as important. When the rank drops it indicates that the site has lost some of its value. This means that the sale rates will drop too. That happens because internet users tend to trust the sites with higher page rank more.

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Webmasters constantly working towards higher page rank and applying a number of SEO techniques wait to see the updates to reap the harvest of their efforts. When the page rank increases they know that all the work done for the last couple of month was appreciated. And what better inspiration do they need to go on with their site promotion work? But sometimes it might happen that webmasters put in a lot of work but the page rank decreases. This is an indicator that something wrong has been done. This means that they need to reconsider their approach to site promotion.

There is really much fuss about page rank. But is it really that important? Much emphasis has been placed on it over the last years. As we know where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Thus, we can assume that page rank is important. But it’s not the most important aspect. Thus, even if you see that the page rank of your site has dropped it should not discourage you. There is a number of other site promotion strategies that will bring you site to the top of search engine ranking position.

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